Trever Santora

UX Designer

Case Study


Webinar Registration Research


  • Agency
  • Iron-Point
  • Account Manager
  • Dan Supinski
  • Project Manager
  • Anna Supinski
  • Visual Designer
  • Jake Wakefield
  • User Experience
  • Trever Santora
  • Developer
  • John Zupin

Business Challenge

Prospects were landing on the webinar registration page and quickly leaving.


We practiced two research methods for this project. First, we remotely observed 200 users on the pre-existing webinar page.

Second, we took a small pool of users offline and conducted controlled in-lab usability testing sessions.

In the lab users encountered 3 separate, subtle differences in layout and form composition. Each user was handed written instructions to register for the webinar and was encouraged to think out loud.

Once we identified a preference we took the feedback from our users and tested it with a new target audience.

Finally, we moved on to testing the layout on smartphones and tablets. This gave us a chance to improve the completion rate for mobile users by modifying certain form fields to be more tap friendly.


We faced opposition from key stakeholders when we advocated for fewer form fields.

To gain buy-in we put together a map showing how the 6 other required fields could be gathered elsewhere along buyer’s journey. For example, if they filled out three fields to register, and enjoyed the webinar, a ‘Thank You’ email would be sent with an offer that lead to another form with three additional fields.

A sample of early recommendations we presented from remote research.


The proposed buyer journey with fewer fields per offer was a success. Webinar sign-up rates improved by 26% in the first year, but it also brought stronger qualified leads to the sales force, who reported acquisitions from initial webinar attendees had gone up significantly in the first quarter.

Continual Improvement

We established A/B testing parameters for the newly designed webinar page as well as KPIs for monitoring the success of early and long-term customer engagement.