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Case Study


Global Firmware Updates


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Business Challenge

Under strict international security laws, Fluke needed a long term cost effective way to activate firmware updates for their thermal imager product line.


This project involved the delivery of two key items. First, the portal website where Fluke employees log in to approve/un-approve firmware updates. Second, the responsive email sent to customers in over 21 languages and 98 countries, notifying them a firmware update for their thermal imager is available.

For the portal, we uncovered the vision key stakeholders had in mind by conducting interviews both in meetings and via phone.

The feedback we gathered was mostly constructive, but there was a lot of confusion around the taxonomy being used to describe key features in the user interface.

To correct this issue we simplified key features and tested it with a short card sort with leadership.

We then took our findings and proposed them in a wireframe featuring the task flow and design specification notes for developers.

Flow and specifictaion
The wireframes here serve three objectives: 1) a task flow diagram to illustrate paths a user could follow, 2) a design specification to demonstrate the functionality of the portal to our developers, 3) a design artifact used to facilitate feedback.

The international email needed to be pared down enough to provide universally accessible instructions.

To ensure ease-of-use for different writing systems and languages we tested the feasibility of our proposed design on both desktop and mobile in several different languages with legendarily long words like Polish and Greek.

Responsive email
The firmware update email was wireframed and designed to be responsive on mobile devices in over 21 distinct languages, and several different writing systems such as Arabic.


For the portal, we found from the client only one user could be logged in at any given time to prevent overlap in the firmware update settings. To fix this we tapped our development team for ideas since they’d already coded a large portion of the back-end framework. We decided a pop-up would work to inform the potential user an employee was already logged in to the portal.

For the email, our visual designer left for Burning Man by the time this was ready for Photoshop. I happily stepped in and took the design lead for this project. For the design, I chose a utilitarian layout that was a short step up from our mid-fidelity wireframe. I bypassed Photoshop and coded the email out directly in the browser.


For the portal, we were able to meet the needs of the management team and developed a simple flow which met their business needs.

For the email, it was quite rewarding to see it translated into the 21 languages we’d planned for and see it hold up so well on both desktop and mobile devices. My personal favorites were Arabic and Korean.

Both products released in concert were a success. Within the first quarter almost 75% of firmware updates had been issued to international customers, with a 92% firmware update completion report, saving Fluke a substantial amount of overhead.

Continual Improvement

Fluke completed their first round of global firmware updates using our technology and has since returned for a second update using new emails and updates to the portal. We’ve helped deliver training material as well as improve performance for long term stability.