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Trever Santora

UX Designer

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Business Challenge

ABM recently licensed Marketo, a marketing automation tool, but lacked the right materials to generate new business.


To assist the marketing team at ABM we knew we would need to gather intel on their customers, verticals, as well as internal business goals from stakeholders in charge of the division.

We conducted interviews with key senior members and surveyed teams under their leadership.

For the customer, we weren’t given budget to conduct usability research, so we plied our craft in desk research instead. We scoured server logs, review sites, and performed a competitive analysis.

First draft
First draft map of lo-fi wireframes.
Pattern library
The first draft of the ABM pattern library.
Design: Jake Wakefield


We went with lo-fi wireframes and a pattern library to avoid building 18 hi-fidelity comps. It turns out our scheme didn’t quite pan out. Stakeholders expressed confusion over the presentation of our first draft. They had a hard time “grasping the [overall unifying] vision,” in the context of a content strategy.

We were able to clear up any confusion by delivering a verbose document chock-full of educational annotations.


From the initial findings we produced a summation of what we learned along with recommendations and scope.

In order to cover the wide range of services ABM provided they would need to amass a trove of interchangeable email, landing page and form templates.

The templates would coincide with a design pattern library which could be culled by users from Marketo’s internal WYSIWYG.

Final draft map
To help the ABM team grasp the full scope of the email, landing page and form templates we published a final 27-page document heavily annotated with content strategy recommendations.
Final draft email templates
An example of an annotated email wireframe from the finished document.


The final wireframes and pattern library received high marks with stakeholders and their teams.

After the UX artifacts were delivered we worked with the development team closely monitoring the outcome of the final coded templates.

Almost two years later and the templates are still in heavy rotation. The internal team at ABM reported a significant increase in productivity, upwards of 40%. Overall campaign success is up 32% since the first three quarters post launch.

Continual Improvement

We developed a series of training materials in the form of screencasts for the marketing team. We also provided A/B test options for alternate call-to-action text, color choices and headline copy.